Graphic Design

With over 5 years of graphic design work for print, web and production, Patrick Sinnott combines illustrative and cartooning techniques with traditional design typography for a unique and professional aesthetic ideal for advertising, social media marketing, branding and more!

Form and TTRPG Document Design

Character sheets designed for After The Mind, The World Again, a highly regarded indie TTRPG.

Logos, Branding and Iconography

Web Design

Landing Page layout for a temporary client, Biz Solutions Now.

Print Design

Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

Classic book cover design, including custom illustration. Typography was selected to evoke Russian Constructivism in a nod to the books content.

Mutant Blast New York Premiere at Film Noir Cinema

While the debut itself was tragically not to be, I had the distinct privilege of working with one of the esteemed Troma Studios brands, a project called Mutant Blast directed by Fernando Alle.

ENJOY: Presented by DJ Disciple

Work with the New York nightlife scene is always a pleasure, and I’m proud of the results I got for DJ Disciple’s event.

Architectural Record

An exersize in hand photography, photo editing and typography.

Packaging Design

Remain in Light
The Talking Heads
Packaging design for The Talking Heads debut album.

Chateu Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon

Vector illustrative packaging, designed to encourage the viewer to pick up and turn the bottle when seen on the shelf.

3D Product and Proofing Design

A selection of custom Deal Toys ideated from scratch, proofed for client conceptualization and formatted for production.