Lax Legends

Combination labor of love, portfolio piece and extended experiment in narrative structure, Lax Legends is a scifi-fantasy webcomic about the people who aren’t the chosen ones. Dungeon delving is awful, your party is jerks, but rent is due and those relics wont dig up themselves. The link to read it online is above and attached to the image on the left!

Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell 2: The Party Never Stops

A 4 page inclusion in a major anthology project, edited by Russel Nohelty at Wannabe Press and written by JD Boucher. Classic eldrich horror meets the modern nigh-club scene in this chilling tale for all ages. I was honored to be included in this project and highly recommend picking up a copy.

Blaze of Glory

A 5 page scifi short written by the incredible Jeff Rider, for which I handled pencils, inks and all cover art. Two space marines commiserate as they rally against and alien horde.

Simone and the Crazy Card Game

A proof of concept and promo for a children’s comic, written by the AMAZING Joe Ciano. Simone, an amateur adventurer, and her manager Joff find more trouble when they bargain for playing cards with an enigmatic and alarmingly large viking in a seedy smoothie shop!