1/11/2015-- AND WE'RE BACK. There's a new page of Lax Legends, I'm going to try to stick to my update schedule a bit more from now on, I've got a bit of a backlog worked up and I'm going to be trying to revamp the site soon. Please let us know in the contact section if there's anything you'd like to see more of!

10/1/14-- Alright, we're still seeing some delays. I might take another hiatus just to build up a backlog and revamp the site. In the meantime, I intend to be at NYCC and at Ouchi gallery this month and next, links to follow soon!

9/2/14-- I RETURN! Sorry for the delay, the cartoonist was moving to a new apartment and was still settling into that routine before he could devote time to regular comic updates again. Expect big changes to the site soon, and possibly even some promotion on other websites maybe? MORE AS THIS DEVELOPS.

6/5/14-- Comic update. There will be some further delays, issues IRL are interfering with time I could spent producing work. We're trying to get back on track though!

5/20/14-- Comic! Pardon any delays, we are experiencing some technical difficulties.

5/4/14-- Comic Update! Enjoying our work so far? Anything in the comics or gallery sections that you think would make good t-shirts or prints? Anything you'd like to see more of? Let us know in the contact link above!

4/18/14- Update, and a hello to any new readers from MOCCAfest! Also news; the site should be aquiring a link to my society6 products sometime soon. Let me know in the contact link if there's any prints you think would make good t-shirts or phone cases!

3/26/14- Uuuupdate. Also, any of our loyal fans want to meet the artist or support the work, I'm going to be at MOCCAfest with Michelle Peluso, Joel Casmiro and Piero Landuaro, three other very talented caroonists and illustrtors. Come give us a visit at table D26!

3/4/14- We have another comic up! I know I keep having delays, but they should clear up in the next two or three months. Real life is proving to be a major impediment.

1/27/14- Starting to get back into the swing of the update schedule. Another page of Lax Legends up with another in the works.
I have discovered over the holiday season that my website already has a fan. The next time I go two weeks without an update, and she knows who she is, she is hereby given permission to call me up and yell at me. Here's lookin' at you kid.

8/26/13- Ugh, alright, having trouble sticking to an update schedule and maintaining a full time job. I'm going to keep trying to update on a weekly/bimonthly basis, but it's going to have to be "updates whenever" for a time. In the meantime, there's a new page of Lax Legends up in the comics section!

6/24/13- Alright, as you can probably tell by now, I'm missing a lot of updates. The schedule is changing to Biweekly And Some Others Whenever while I figure out my availability. In the meantime, have another page of Lax Legends.


5/21/13- ANNNND I missed an update, which means you get another early page of Lax! You kids enjoy now, don't spend it all in one place.

5/6/13- We have another page of Dunderbeck! Hey, any viewers out there, got any strong feelings about colored vs noncolored comics? Let me know in the contact section!

4/30/13- Good god my schedule. On the plus side, our intrepid guests should find more work in the gallery section, and another three pages of Dunderbeck online! Expect more gallery pieces this week.

4/9/13- Enjoy another page of Dunderbeck and another page of Lax Legends! Figured I might as well polish off the first mini-arc early.

4/3/13- Alright, so, first off, my appologies to every both of my loyal readers for vanishing for a week and a half. As penance, in addition to the two pages of Dunderbeck I've posted, please enjoy an early page of my other comic Lax Legends, all on the comics pge. I've been working on building up a backlog of it, and every time I miss an update you'll get an early page.
This totally wont snowball out of control. Honest.

3/18/13- Two new images in the gallery, and another page in Dunderbeck!

3/10/13- New page of Dunderbeck up! Pictures for the gallery to follow during the week.

2/28/13- More. Dunderbeck. Aw. Yiss.
Also, expect comics other than Dunderbeck soon! I've been hashing out a bigger project, as well as something a lil' autobio. PREPARE.

2/18/13- Aaaaah sorry about the missed update last weekend, my bad. Still sort of stabilizing. Have two new pages from Dunderbeck today, as well as some minor layout alterations. Corrected the issue with the Interblogs link not connecting to my professional tumblr, and work on the various other comics continue.

2/2/13- Another page of Dunderbeck's up! Gonna try to have more art and comics other than Dunderbeck next week.

1/29/13-- Another page of Dunderbeck!

1/21/13-- Dunderbeck updating. Hey, is there anyone out there viewing this site? Go to the blog link and send me asks, let me know if I'm getting any results here.

1/14/13-- AND WE'RE BACK. Sorry for the hiatus while I was working on my gallery and employment stuff. My career's a little more stable now and, with luck, I should be able to update a bit more regulary now. You'll find another page of Dunderbeck online. Enjoy!

11/7/12-- New page of Dunderbeck online. Also, GREAT NEWS EVERYONE, this december my work will be in the Brooklyn Gallery OUCHI in a show about up and comers in comic and cartoon art. I hope to see you there!

10/25/12-- Okay so maybe in the beginning it'll be more like one every week or so. Another page of Dunderbeck up, slightly late. And our links page is live! Go forth and enjoy.

10/13/12-- ALRIGHT, all zero viewers, long time never converse ever!
So, as you can see, I'm starting to upload actual content. The comic section is up and running, this is where all completed or ongoing comics will be. I'll be posting a page per week of... Well, whatever strikes my fancy, to start. I've already got storylines for two comics already pencilled or totally backlogged out, and I'm beginning work on a third. In the meantime we have the first two pages of Dunderbeck's Machine online and the first page of... Another Project. Any questions or comments? Feel free to direct them to the contact button above.

8/23/12-- Adding more pictures to the gallery, working on fixing links.